NAV Default Database File Locations

I’m frequently creating new databases in NAV.  One annoyance was NAV’s insistence on the default file location.  In my dev environment this was always where I had installed SQL. capture   Not where I want my databases. I spent some time investigating and after watching file system and registry access on both server and client I wasn’t able to see it grab any relevant values from those spots.  From what I can tell after watching packets between client and server with a packet sniffer, the NAV client is parsing the file location from the sp_helpfile stored procedure.  The solution?  NAV is essentially following the Master database. How to move system databases in SQL Server: Just move the Master database to the spot you’d like the default file locations. Now when I specify Database Files… Yay! capture2 The only downside is that is also will want to put the Transaction Log Files in the same file path.  Small price to pay. :) capture3   Does anyone else have a better way of doing this?  It would at least be nice if NAV could somehow use the default file locations specified within SQL.

Written on March 1, 2009